Excellence in Corporate Public Relations

The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management (GA), a registered NGO at the United Nations, is also active with several other international organizations relevant to the future of public relations.

The GA’s global scope enables it to share best practices and news of other advances through these relationships and its own initiatives.

On this evergreen micro-site we are now pleased to share with you the latest GA study on corporate communications excellence:

We are pleased to share recent relevant reports from international organizations with whom we cooperate and, occasionally, from organizations presenting relevant, authoritative information and analysis:

  • Creating Value: Value to the Board (International Integrated Reporting Council, 2014)
    For the past few years, the Global Alliance has collaborated with the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) on a seminal piece of work- an integrating reporting framework. The central idea is that through integrated corporate reporting, we can create additional value to an organization by demonstrating the link between investment decisions, corporate behaviour, which includes communication, and reporting in a new way on the tangible and intangible assets of the organization. A new publication by the IIRC with the help of the Global Alliance, Creating Value- Value to the board, focuses on the role of the board members to guide in the implementation of new ways of reporting corporate results. Telling the corporate story is not new to communicators, but doing so with a new framework and a more comprehensive approach to define what constitute value, is innovative. Heads of communication who are often charged with, or are part of, the development of an annual report will be keenly interested in this new global standard which is equally applicable in business, public and not-for-profit sectors.


  • KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013
    For the past twenty years KPMG has reported on the state of Corporate Social responsibility (CSR). In more recent years a survey was added to the annual reporting effort. Here is the 2013 results of the survey and the entire report. It also shows how central CSR and shared value are to conducting business in today’s fast-paced environment and further demonstrates that public relations considerations are essential to the success of business and social endeavours.


  • IIRC Pilot Programme Yearbook 2013 (International Integrated Reporting Council)
    Our partner at the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) has recently published the 2013 yearbook describing the road to new guidelines for integrated reporting or as the council puts it: integrated thinking. The yearbook features four case studies that will be of interest to our GA corporate excellence community. The companies featured are: Melia hotels, energy leader Enel, the BASF company and Aegon insurance.


  • IIRC Pilot Programme Yearbook 2012 (International Integrated Reporting Council)
    The IIRC Pilot Programme was established to enable business and investors to share experiences and to create the conditions for widespread adoption of Integrated Reporting in the years to come. The first year of the Pilot Programme has set an important benchmark for future activity. The Pilot Programme Yearbook demonstrates that businesses are starting to see extensive changes in thought processes across their organisations. Businesses are starting to use the concepts and principles to drive their focus on integrated thinking and strategic decision-making.


  • Rio +20 Corporate Sustainability Forum Summary (U.N. Global Compact, 2012)
    The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development brought together all actors to put the world on a more sustainable course, in the environmental, social, economic and governance spheres. Rio+20 fostered a stronger sense of shared purpose and collective responsibility to move from the status quo toward a more sustainable future.



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